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Understanding Crypto Currencies – Part 4 Blockchain basics and what is a Bitcoin?

It’s been a while since Part 3, I wanted to be very sure of this section so took some time to personally invest further into different crypto’s to make sure I understood the basics, there is still a lot to … Continue reading

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Understanding Crypto Currencies – Part 3 So how did we get to where we are in our society today?

In Part two we looked at how an isolated community may establish a currency, in this blog we look historically at money. Many countries in olden times had chosen gold or silver as coinage, the reasoning being that the rare … Continue reading

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Understanding Crypto Currencies – Part 2 So is that Money?

Part 1 doesn’t still doesn’t really explain money though? So, let’s look at this another way, hypothetically if we took a small group of people, 1000 or so, and dumped them on an island (always my go to when trying … Continue reading

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