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Trying to live a preparedness lifestyle, developing new skills to help me strive for that better life. This will serve as a memoir for myself and my family, friends and anyone who is interested as we take this crooked path towards an infinite destination.

LK-35 Backpack Modification Part 2

In Part 1 we identified a few design modification potentials for the LK-35, in this blog I expected to have delivered the Swedish webbing pouch set, however there has been a further two week delay and the suppliers. Nevertheless, I … Continue reading

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LK-35 Backpack Modification Part 1

Inspired by  a video review by McQ Bushcraft I liked the idea of a traditional metal framed backpack, so wanted to try out the LK-35 backpack for myself. The basic pack can be sourced for as little as £12.50 in … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

A little late but still I hope everyone had a great Christmas break and have started the year off with plenty of plans to make the ‘dash’ count? We’re making headway with our small patch of woodland and I’ve started … Continue reading

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Paleo – Part 3 – 3 Month Cholesterol Results

Since starting on the Paleo journey, the one thing that had been playing on my mind was Cholesterol levels, knowing they were high at the start of this journey, my concern was that they could potentially get worse. In this … Continue reading

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Paleo – Part 2 – So Far, So Good

Back in June I published details of my change to a Paleo diet that I started officially in March 2016. As the title states so far, so good! In this short update I wanted to go over some of my … Continue reading

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survivalist Wisdom

“If you go to town you need money to buy food, if you go to the jungle you just need a knife” My  thoughts  – I heard this on a TV documentary  speaking to people still connected to their ancestral … Continue reading

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First Proof That Wild Animals Really Can Communicate With Us

Originally posted on we must know:
By Traci Watson PUBLISHED July 21, 2016 When humans speak up, the little African birds called honeyguides listen—and can understand, a new study confirms for the first time. Honeyguides in northern Mozambique realize that…

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