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Paleo – Part 3 – 3 Month Cholesterol Results

Since starting on the Paleo journey, the one thing that had been playing on my mind was Cholesterol levels, knowing they were high at the start of this journey, my concern was that they could potentially get worse. In this … Continue reading

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Paleo – Part 2 – So Far, So Good

Back in June I published details of my change to a Paleo diet that I started officially in March 2016. As the title states so far, so good! In this short update I wanted to go over some of my … Continue reading

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Paleo – Part 1 – A Lifestyle Change

Around December 2015 we went through a traumatic time with health, as it turned out luckily it wasn’t anything too serious, but it made us think seriously about diet. As an avid follower of Jack Spirco’s podcast I was vaguely … Continue reading

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The Bee Diaries – Part 12 -New Bees Please

In Part 11 we alluded to the fact that the colony may be in trouble as we found that the queen had died over winter, the colony, as we dreaded, eventually died off as there was nothing that we could … Continue reading

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Wild Camping – Applying Preparedness Principles – part 5, Equipment

A quick reminder of the basic principles of preparedness, Food, Water, Shelter, Security, Health and Sanitation. We have covered Shelter in the form of clothing, tents and sleeping equipment. In this post we will look at the other equipment, their … Continue reading

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RFID – A hard Pill to swallow!

This post has been inspired by a listener call on Jack Spirco’s ‘The Survival Podcast’, the listener, who claimed to be in the medical sector, raised the concern over RFID in pills, specifically with regards to the data being used … Continue reading

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Prostate PSA – No finger up the bum!

A few weeks ago I posted a blog that linked to ‘Surviving Prostate Cancer: Why Early Detection Can Be Important’, coincidently I saw a poster locally for a Prostate awareness event that included a Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) check. Having attended … Continue reading

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Prostate Cancer

As I am approaching 50 very quickly this is a survival topic worth considering, this post is a simple link http://www.thesurvivaldoctor.com/2015/09/16/prostate-cancer-early-detection/ Simple, interesting read. best of health…….

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