Prostate Cancer

As I am approaching 50 very quickly this is a survival topic worth considering, this post is a simple link

Simple, interesting read.

best of health…….

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  1. Jenny says:

    Great for you to post about this! My husband got tested and had an elevated PSA level of over 5–but the doctor’s office never called us to tell us!!

    We requested a copy of his labs because I keep all of our test results in a file for review. I noticed his PSA was elevated, so I called his doctor to check. With health privacy laws being what they are here in the US, and even though I’m a registered nurse and nurse practitioner, my husband had to call to get a referral to a urologist.

    He had several PSAs, and they continued to rise as high as 15. Since then, my husband has had ultrasounds and 2 sets of prostate biopsies, but all have been negative. Turns out he just has a big prostate, which is the reason so much PSA is produced. Still, it was quite a wild ride until we got some more definitive answers.

    A screening test (as compared to a *diagnostic* test) is usually cheaper and easier to do, but the downside is that it has a higher rate of false positives and negatives. But a screening test is a start. Always discuss any types of age-appropriate screening tests with your healthcare provider to seek their advice and recommendations!

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