RFID – A hard Pill to swallow!

pillThis post has been inspired by a listener call on Jack Spirco’s ‘The Survival Podcast’, the listener, who claimed to be in the medical sector, raised the concern over RFID in pills, specifically with regards to the data being used by medical authorities / insurance providers to check whether medicine has been taken regularly and not missed.
This technology being used not only effects our civil liberties but has a far deeper long term concern, yes you could argue the benefit of ensuring an Alzheimer’s patient has taken their medication, but let’s face it this technology hasn’t been created just for the small proportion of society that forgets to take their meds.

pillBack in 2012 the Daily Mail, reported the technology with the headline “On sale, smart pill with ‘edible microchip’ that tells you and your doctor when the next dose is due”.
Frost & Sullivan in their report state ‘Boom in Smart Pills Will Reach a New Peak by 2018-2020’
So how does it work? The microfabricated sensors are embedded into tablets and capsules during manufacturing. Upon ingestion and contact with gastric fluid, thin layers of magnesium, copper and gold inside the minute sensor react with the gastric fluid to start an electrochemical reaction, essentially creating a “battery” that powers the device.  The process lasts until the materials are exhausted, during which time the sensors communicate and sends to a skin-worn patch a unique digital code to identify the type of medication, amount of dosage and the time of ingestion [Nuviun.com]
But where does it all end?
• The child reported as disruptive in class scanned to see if they have taken their ADHD medication before being allowed in school
• Tracking of non-taken prescriptions.
• How long before your RFID signal is scanned in public areas and direct advertising is thrown up on electronic screens as you pass by
• Police scanning you as you’ve just been pulled over, the signal providing justification as they approach the vehicle for an arrest for driving on med’s.
• Potential criminal targeting of the vulnerable by scanning signals.

Just a bit of food for thought – where do you see this going?


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