PSA Prostate – the follow up

Prostate_CDLLife-01A few weeks ago I reported on the PSA test for Prostate to help raise awareness.

My results came back abnormal, this wasn’t something that I was expecting and to be honest was a little scary. However the fact that I had taken time to research this in my blog meant that I was somewhat prepared and what the risks were and what I needed to do next.

Having the knowledge also meant that I could talk to the Doctor with some understanding of what it was we were discussing.

So my result came back as 3.39 but also had a F/T result of 0.08.

In my previous blog on this subject I reported that the following results were considered as normal:PSA

• 3 ng/ml for men aged 50-59
• 4 ng/ml for men aged 60-69
• 5 ng/ml for men aged 70 and over.

So my result of 3.39 didn’t seem that bad? the abnormal part of the result is the Free Test ratio of 0.08.

It confused me as to why the F/T result was even shown as everything that I had read suggested that a result of less than 4 ng/ml.

Any result between 4 and 10 ng/ml is the grey zone so a Free Test PSA ratio is provided to indicate the probability of finding prostate cancer on a needle biopsy, this is age dependantPSA FT

So this is why my result of 0.08 for my age (50) is considered abnormal, moreover the chance of finding cancer is 49.2%.

So after discussing this with my GP he decided to run new blood and Urine tests, these results have come back normal for Kidney with a new PSA result of 2.5, no F/T results were provided as expected with this result.

A physical examination revealed a normal prostate. My plan is to check this again in twelve months.

This has been an uncomfortable couple of weeks, even despite the knowledge of the statistics, plus the fact that 82% of Prostate cancers are curable.

There are a few things that cross my mind during this time with regards to preparedness, firstly, if anything serious was to happen, my wife or family would not have a clue of all of the passwords that I use to the many sites that I use. In this modern age of technology, social media and electronic banking and transactions. Detailing all of this security data  in one place goes against everything that we are advised, but keeping this in a secure safe is good option, additionally using a code system to encrypt passwords and letting your loved ones know what this is for if time comes for them to go through your password book will help.

The other thing that I considered, was that I’m not fit enough to be ill, therefore I am personally going to include this as a primary prepping activity.

I hope this helps others in the future.


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Trying to live a preparedness lifestyle, developing new skills to help me strive for that better life. This will serve as a memoir for myself and my family, friends and anyone who is interested as we take this crooked path towards an infinite destination.
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