LK-35 Backpack Modification Part 2

In Part 1 we identified a few design modification potentials for the LK-35, in this blog I expected to have delivered the swed_webbing_setSwedish webbing pouch set, however there has been a further two week delay and the suppliers.

Nevertheless, I have been able to put together some of the options and also had some alternative feedback from forums / groups to what others have done.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAUsing the original LK-35 frame I loosened the original back rest strap and passed it through the new Hip belt details in Part 1, this fit perfectly and allowed the hip belt to be securely attached to the frame.



The webbing loops were then ideally positioned to attach to the two D hoops on


the metal frame using paracord at the top and using the MOLLE

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAstraps and paracord at the bottom, this meant no free movement of the belt.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



Loaded up the pack seemed very comfortable, however the hip belt felt a little too deep for my waistline but may be better suited to someone who (basically isn’t so overweight!).

I had my son try the pack on and it fit him well.





The colour variance isn’t that noticeable in normal light.

I also added a grab handle, but chose use a existing paracord bracelet with an extra shackle, this works very well although 20170212_211324831_iosI would probably make a new one in olive paracord, I think the function stack of this is that it can be removed and used as a bracelet or be transferred to another unit as a carrying device, and of course the unravelling of the cord for any other use in emergencies. the only down side that I anticipate it the noise potential of the shackle against the frame but this could be overcome with wrap on the frame in that area. Using an idea from McQ Bushcraft to line the inner section of the bag with foam to:

  1. shape the bag in an open position at all times for ease of loading; and
  2. Provide a change mat / clean area to use when camping
  3. Rolled provides a pillow.

I used a 15mm polyurethane foam that to be honest is too thick and bulky. I have since acquired so 5mm foam that I will cut to size and try.

The pack weight including inner foam was 3.2kg

Next, having stripped the pack apart, I rebuilt using the acquired aluminium frame. The frame width was sightly wider than the original so fitting of the bag was tight but acceptable.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAUsing the the hip belt and webbing back rest strap from the LK-35 the hip setup was fixed to the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbottom of the frame utilising the hole for the original hip belt. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA












The hoops of the hip belt again could be used to securely locate it to the frame. The two existing back rest straps moved up the frame to provide greater support around the shoulder blades.


Loaded up the pack felt comfortable albeit a little stiffer on the back, the legs at the top of the frame protruded a little too far and if used I would probably cut these down to size.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I did have an idea that the larger hollow tubes of the aluminium frame could be used to store a custom compact modular fishing pole or water tube, paracord, poles, spikes or numerous other devices which may make an interesting side project.

lee-1Lee on the UKSN Facebook page had a few modification suggestions that he had tried out on his packs overtime.

  • Stitching of the side pockets leaving the top and bottom unstitched on one or both sides to allow the drop through of an axe or poles.Certainly the tops can be left open to provide an inner additional pocket.lee-5
  • Use of insulation tape around the loops of the bag at the top and bottom of the fame to restrict movement of the pack.lee-4








In part 3 I will hopefully have the pouches to finally fit to the pack, in additional I’ll be trying a new thinner foam liner plus an alternative hip belt.




About Ian

Trying to live a preparedness lifestyle, developing new skills to help me strive for that better life. This will serve as a memoir for myself and my family, friends and anyone who is interested as we take this crooked path towards an infinite destination.
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8 Responses to LK-35 Backpack Modification Part 2

  1. Jenny Smith says:

    Looks cool, Ian! And it’s coming along well.


  2. joe says:

    Ah thats a good Mod. I put a handle on mine also in the end. I used different pouches thou. Looks good. This is what I did.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. R. Redtail Jay says:

    Oh man, that is a whopper of a waist strap! 😀
    Those side pouches are a great idea, especially sewing them on the sides so that there’s space in the middle for longer saws, axes, trekking poles, etc. That aluminum frame looks really great, especially with the longer ends on the top…lot’s of customising options 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Anonymous says:

    I had so much fun with the lk35 I am going to try to get a lk70.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Christos says:


    Thanks for a great post! I’ve recently purchased an lk35 and have started modding it. Your idea to use the back rest strap for securing the waist belt is perfect. No matter how tight i fasten it or where i pass it through, there’s always a bit if wiggling involved and i hate that!



    Liked by 1 person

    • Ian says:

      Hi Christos thanks for the comments, I have finally finished mine so just need to write up part 3. Good luck with yours.


      • Christos says:

        Thanks. I have found bushcraft usa and I am posting there my progress. I have the swedish side pouches as well as a larger pair of british plce – bergen I believe – pouches for the sides and i also will sew some molle webbing in order to increase the pack’s modularity. Starting from scratch, i had no idea about sewing. All hand, no machine. Thank god for the speedy stitcher awl and the basting tape.


      • Christos says:


        Having finished another phase of my modifications, your blog came to mind. Have you written up part 3 yet?




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