The Friendly Swede – Two Lanterns and a Firestarter



The Friendly Swede Collapsible LED Camping Lantern Lamp 2-Pack, with Keychain Fire Starter is £9.99 with free delivery, I did a quick search on the internet and the best price that I came up was £5.49  for one lantern  on eBay. So when you consider that you get two lanterns plus the Key chain fire starter / whistle in this package it is really good value.







The product arrives well packaged

IMG_3038We use ours in the awning of our camper van, opened up, the soft lighting is just enough at night.

The Fire starer is easy to use and sparks well with each strike.





I’ll be taking these out for field testing at the next opportunity.
Check out this product




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Trying to live a preparedness lifestyle, developing new skills to help me strive for that better life. This will serve as a memoir for myself and my family, friends and anyone who is interested as we take this crooked path towards an infinite destination.
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