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Survivalist Wisdom

“Courage is almost a contradiction in terms. It means a strong desire to live taking the form of a readiness to die” – G.K. Chesterton My thoughts – Having seen  first hand  the courage of another person fighting to survive … Continue reading

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Survivalist Wisdom

“If water is scarce, travel at night with a slow steady pace to keep from sweating” My comments:  Perspiration wastes water, it can be reduced by wearing the correct clothing, lack of water intake, dehydration, is a serious life threatening … Continue reading

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Wild Camping – Applying Preparedness Principles – part 5, Equipment

A quick reminder of the basic principles of preparedness, Food, Water, Shelter, Security, Health and Sanitation. We have covered Shelter in the form of clothing, tents and sleeping equipment. In this post we will look at the other equipment, their … Continue reading

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Tick Tock! Thats Another Year Gone

It’s one year since we launched the Prepare to Survive web blog page. Happy to still be posting, and we have a few followers, growing weekly both here,  on Twitter and Facebook. Whilst its another year gone I can say … Continue reading

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The Friendly Swede – Two Lanterns and a Firestarter

  The Friendly Swede Collapsible LED Camping Lantern Lamp 2-Pack, with Keychain Fire Starter is £9.99 with free delivery, I did a quick search on the internet and the best price that I came up was £5.49  for one lantern  … Continue reading

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E.M.P. No finger on the pulse – Book Review

Having finally had time to complete this book purchased on Kindle quite a few months ago. The story is about how “The world becomes technologically devastated following the electromagnetic pulse from a coronal mass ejection thrown out by the sun. … Continue reading

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Operation security, health and protection when abroad

Having just ended a week away in a foreign country, operational security (Opsec), health and protection abroad is a topical subject. Travelling abroad mixes us together with people that we are not familiar with, from various cultures and backgrounds, both … Continue reading

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