survivalist Wisdom

“Every human being has, like Socrates, an attendant spirit; and wise are they who obey the signals. If it does not tell us what to do, it always cautions us what not to do.” – Lydia M. Child

My Thoughts – I’m a strong believer in that inner voice / gut feeling and feel it has helped me make some crucial decisions in life. Certainly in a survival or emergency situation I would rely upon it every time.


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Survivalist Wisdom 

“The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall” -Vince Lombardi 

My thoughts – falling or failure are sometimes looked upon with negativity, but the route to success is generally through failure, therefore falling or failure is essential to become better. We should understand this more as a society and stop wrapping everyone up in cotton wool to protect them from falling, and applaud those who fall and get back up.

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Survivalist wisdom 

“The proverb warns that “you should not bite the hand that feeds you.” But maybe you should, if it prevents you from feeding yourself. ” – Thomas Szasz

My thoughts – whilst the meaning of the proverb is regarding being disrespectful to those that provide for you, not all situations of being provided for are good, human reservations and government benefits are two examples that comes to mind, everything provided for at the cost of suppression and control, leading to depression, crime and low self worth, Sometimes that hand needs to be bitten!

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Survivalist Wisdom 

“In the world there is nothing more submissive and weak than water. Yet for attacking that which is hard and strong nothing can surpass it” Lao-Tzu

My thoughts – as the rain lashed down here today, thoughts about flash floods and crossing rivers streams, 2 ft of water can move a car, 6″ of water can knock you of your feet.

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Podcast Recommendation -Paul Kirtley

Paul_Kirtley_Podcast_fire_250Having discovered a new podcast this week, Paul Kirtley at episode 15, it was great to listen to Paul interview John Rensten on Urban Foraging, John had a good sense of humour and really connected you to the aspects of foraging in the most unlikely places in London.

Episode 14 Paul interviewed Mark Kalch who has “made it his mission to paddle the longest river on each of the seven continents – seven rivers on seven continents”, one word review WOW! I have been blown away by the interview and was hanging onto every word of Mark’s stories of his adventures. True expedition survival from someone who lives this.

I would also recommend checking out Mark VLOG’s on his YouTube channel

Looking forward to listening to the remaining episodes on Paul’s Podcast and would highly recommend anyone with an interest in Bushcraft, Survival, Foraging and outdoor pursuits to do the same.


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Survivalist Wisdom

“Courage is almost a contradiction in terms. It means a strong desire to live taking the form of a readiness to die” – G.K. Chesterton

My thoughts – Having seen  first hand  the courage of another person fighting to survive cancer, I can fully respect the attitude and will required to live with the readiness to die. Also listening to a couple of stories recently of explorers, soldiers  and adventurers who find themselves facing life threatening dangers and having the courage to stop, think and with rational make decisions that allowed them to survive – it makes you question, would I have courage in the same situation? I hope so!

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Survivalist Wisdom

“If water is scarce, travel at night with a slow steady pace to keep from sweating”

My comments:  Perspiration wastes water, it can be reduced by wearing the correct clothing, lack of water intake, dehydration, is a serious life threatening condition.

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